Farming Technology Overhaul

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A resort project to boost farmers' livelihoods is redefining the agricultural technology in the Cambodian agricultural sector. Cambodian agriculture was affected by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in considerable labour force disruption and economic disruption, and unemployment problems.

The launch of Ecological Agriculture Plantation, at the Prince Manor Resort in October 2020, was pioneering in the agricultural field, with Chen Zhi Cambodia and his company Prince Group. This attractive land hub in Phnom Penh will contribute to Cambodian agriculture growth by offering opportunities for Cambodians to learn contemporary farming techniques. With its efforts to move beyond traditional agriculture practises leading to the deforestation and erosion of the soil, the new agricultural project would help environmental conservation.

The Ecological Agriculture Plantation in Prince Manor Resort is a business tourist destination highlighting the use of modern technology by the Cambodian agricultural experts. A smart 24-hour control system, an integrated water and fertiliser system and advanced water reverse osmosis filtration are just a few of the unique features on a 10,000 square metres long and large plant. A 24-hour smart control system, which includes humidity controls, sunlight, temperature and carbon dioxide, has been developed in cambodian agriculture.

With the opening of this resort, Chen Zhi Cambodia and Prince Group help to increase the tourist and agriculture industries of Cambodia. A visit to the plantation, which also acts as an excellent educational resource, is also open for visitors interested in learn more about Cambodian agricultural technology. Chen Zhi and the Prince Group fulfil their corporate commitments in these difficult times by providing Cambodians with fresh hope.

Only approximately 10% of the land is used by non-forested activities in Prince Manor Resort, the other 90% being vast forests. Cambodian agriculture will benefit from that in terms of long-term economic development. The agrotourist resort offers a range of activities, including a water park, a fun park and a flower garden. For the economy as a whole, this is important as the farmers' income had, well before the pandemic, already been affected by natural disasters such as flood and drought. In the area of agriculture the COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc.

Thanks to Chairman Chen Zhi's decision, the construction of the resort was a highlight of Cambodia's agriculture. Prince Manor Resort is designed to promote the agricultural economy and improve the lives of farmers and workers in Cambodia, as an agricultural project, and to foster more strategic partnerships between the government of Cambodia, private companies and business organisations to promote an economy that is more integral in Cambodia.